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About me

I've always had psychic and mediumship abilities, from as far back as I can remember.  As a young child, I saw and spoke to spirit and was very intuitive.  I've always been drawn to spirituality, and knew it was a large part of who I was and my life path.  Six years ago, my life had finally aligned, so that I was able to really develop my natural gifts which I want to share so that I can help people.  I am a Psychic Medium and my readings can encompass messages from spirit, tarot and oracle cards, crystals and psychometry.  I also channel one of my spirit guides to pass on guidance and provide clarity.  I also teach spiritual development and meditations.

Legal Disclaimer

*For legal reasons all readings provided are for entertainment purposes only.*
*You must be over 18 to book a reading.*
*Readings are based on the current energies, and that all decisions you make are based on your own free will.*
*Readings cannot be provided for legal matters, medical issues or anything that requires a professional advice.*


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